Are Gel Blasters illegal in Australia?

Are Gel Blasters illegal in Australia?

Are Gel Blasters Legal in Australia?

Australia currently has the biggest gel ball blasters market so far. Since the airsoft is completely banned in AU, the gel blasters are the only choice that Australians can have fun with. However, there was still a legal dispute over whether gel blasters are legal in Australia and in different regions of Australia. So you may have been searching for the answer for questions: are gel blasters legal in Australia? This article will help those who don't have much idea about gel blaster legality in Australia.

Let's skip the gel blaster introduction and explanation on what's gel blaster.Most gelsoft are made in Mainland China and are marked as 14+ toys. It's supposed to be treated like nerf guns, a common toy in most homes, they are used for entertainment and recreational purposes. However, with increasing popularity and media exposure over these past few years and highly appearance resemblance on real firearms, the AU goverment has taken measure to regulate it and declare the legalities.

It's recommended for Australians to learn the legalities of Gelblasters as the legalities differ from state to state.  That way you can always enjoy shooting whilst avoid breaking the law. You can just skip to the end of this article if you don't wanna spend time reading it.

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Are gel blasters legal in NSW?

Gel blasters are currently illegal in NSW. The firearms classification reason is bullshit, the gov of NSW states that:

"Allthough often regarded as a toy, the firing mechanism in BB guns and gel blasters meets the threshold to be defined as a firearm. This is because these types of guns use compressed air to cause pellets, bullets or other projectiles to accelerate. The effect of the law is that there is no distinction between air rifles and more powerful guns. Instead, they are all classed as firearms."


The NSW law statement here:


Are gel blaster legal in Victoria?

Gel ball blasters are not legal in VIC, the main reasons it's banned i think it's some guys take it to public and use it in serious crimes, which ruined the industry.

check this article from 9news:

Are gel blasters legal in Tasmania?

Gel blasters are currently illegal in Tasmania. Same as in Northern Territory, they are classified as a ‘toy’ however some Gel Blasters may be considered as a imitated firearm due to their appearance.

Are gel blasters legal in QLD?

Gel blasters are currently legal in Queensland, it is legal to possess it. Free to sell and buy it without a license. This is the only state to freely use and play gel ball blasters, you are lucky if you live there!


Are gel blaster legal in SA?

Gel ball blasters are currently illegal in South Australia. I am sorry to tell you that.

Are gel blaster legal in WA?

Currently, the gel blasters are illegal in West Australia since 3rd.July. That was a big news in 2021 and it affects many sellers and players, it's treat as a prohibited weapon, ingoring will result in heavy penalties, see news:


Conclusion: Are gel blasters are legal in Australia?

The legality of gel blasters in Australia varied from state to state. One thing is certain is that they are totally legal in Queensland, and you don't need to get a fireman license to sell and own it.

Gel blasters are illegal in SA, NSW, Victoria, NT, and Tasmania. And we are not responsible for the misuse of the gel blasters products after you purchased them.

  1. Queensland: Gel blasters were legal and regulated as toys in Queensland, but there were strict rules about their appearance and use in public spaces. Importing, owning, and using gel blasters as long as they met specific criteria was generally allowed.

  2. South Australia: Gel blasters were classified as firearms in South Australia, and strict regulations applied. A firearms license was required to possess and use them.

  3. New South Wales: Gel blasters were treated as firearms in New South Wales. A firearms license and registration were typically necessary to possess them.

  4. Victoria: In Victoria, gel blasters were subject to firearms regulations, and a firearms license was typically required.

  5. Western Australia: Gel blasters were considered controlled weapons in Western Australia, and permits were required to own and use them.

  6. Northern Territory: In the Northern Territory, gel blasters were generally legal to own and use without a license, but they must be operated responsibly and safely.

  7. Tasmania: Gel blasters were treated as firearms in Tasmania, and a firearms license was typically required.

Please note that laws and regulations can change over time, and it's essential to check the current legal status of gel blasters in your specific state or territory. Regulations may have evolved since my last update in September 2021. Always consult with local law enforcement or legal authorities for the most up-to-date information on the legality of gel blasters in your area.

are gel blasters legal in Australia?

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