Explore and Conquer with the Biu X5 Pistol Gel Blaster

Explore and Conquer with the Biu X5 Pistol Gel Blaster

X5 Gel Blaster Introduction

The x5 gel blaster is a unique water beads gun made and deigned by Kublai in 2022. The X-5 pistol gel ball gun has a good quality at an affordable price. It has a classic colt m1911 pistol design with black orange skin. The new version x5 blaster has an improved internal structure with better gears. All you need to know is the x5 gel blaster has a better performance and less issues than the jm-x2 gel blaster.

The features of the x5 gel ball blaster is worth mentioning. It has blowback and last round hold-open. The flashlight can light your way in the night, also it's a place where it holds a rechargeable lipo battery. The 3 types of magazines, which is short, long and drum are also compatible with the x2 glock.


Here is a short video of x5 gel blaster shooting demonstration:

Performance of X5 M1911 Gel Ball Blaster

 The shooting experience of this new released gel blaster is just awesome! It can accomodate all kinds of 7-8mm gel balls, the performance is pretty stable and so far it hasn't met with any issues. This x5 gel blaster has up to 130 FPS shooting power, up to 20m shooting range, and a rate of fire of 12 RPS!


Here is the x5 gel blaster gun full testing & review video


Specification of X5 Gel Ball blaster

Material: nylon
Fire mode: full automatic
Ammo type: 7-8mm
Weight: 695g
Size: 33*18*8cm


How to Install and Use it?

The installation of this x5 splatter ball blaster is super easy, you even don't need to check this guide to know how to do it.

1. Grow your 7-8mm water beads into full size, recommend using hardened and frosted gel balls.

2. Fully refill the magazine with a speedloader.

3. Install the mag.

4. Open the battery cover.

5. Connect to the 7.4v lipo battery.

6. Turn on switch and ready to fire.

What's in the Package that you will get?

1* x5 gel blaster gun
1* 7.4v rechargeable lipo battery

1* USB charger
1* protective glasses

1* manual
1* short mag

1* long mag

1* drum mag
50000pcs gellets


The package setup is great. Extra gel balls will ensure a continous long time shooting without buying more. The additional magazines can suit different player's taste and you can use the mag you like for a better looking.


Pros and Cons:


- full nylon construction.

- better quality than the x2.

- High rate of fire and velocity.

- Blowback.

- 3 mags available.

- tactical flashlight.



- only has one shooting mode.

- limited skin.

- limited upgrading options.



In Conclusion

The x5 gel blaster is still worth to buy in 2023. If you are disappointed about the jm x2, then i believe this one would your next toy gun choice. You don't need worry about the quality since it's been proven to be a perfect pistol blaster. The performance of x5 is just awesome, the power and blowback will let you feel like shooting a real gun.

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