Gel blaster Upgrade: Everything You Should Know

Gel blaster Upgrade: Everything You Should Know

Do you love using your gel blaster? Are you winning your games using the gel blaster? Have you considered upgrading your gel blaster? Well, many people are using gel blaster and enjoying playing with it. However, the only issue they have is that they feel like the power and performance of the products are begin reduced with time. Do not worry because with a simple gel blaster upgrade you can not only increase the performance but also the power of the product that will allow you to become a better player.

However, they easily get confused when they have to manage with the gel blaster upgrade. Various parts of the product should be upgraded to enhance performance. Do not worry because once you will get gel blaster upgrade, you will better understand your product that will make it easier for you to introduce future upgrades in your product. Here we have everything about the gel blaster upgrade and parts that should be upgraded so you can manage everything professionally get the performance you need.

What is a gel blaster upgrade?

Well, if you are reading this guide then the chances are higher that you are new to this topic. Therefore, you need proper help in this regard. Therefore, starting from the fundamentals of this topic can always be a great option to consider.

Are you having a gel blaster and want to improve its functionality, range or any other option?

Then you can consider the gel blaster upgrade. This is the process in which you can change the internal parts of your gel blaster with the improved versions of them. Gel blaster upgrades will help you to improve the performance of your gel ball blaster in the best possible way.

Well, you have bought your gel ball blaster. And it shoots while straight out of the box, then it is obviously fine. But you want to get higher accuracy, better reliability, and improved performance. This is what a gel blaster upgrade is all about. You can utilize the latest tools and upgraded parts to get your blaster to the next level in a more effective way. However, it is highly important to pay attention to finding the parts which can fit with your gel blaster accurately. Because unmatched parts will never give you an improved experience. Even more, it also needs effective knowledge regarding internals and upgrades of gel blaster to complete the upgradations process properly. As per my opinion experience to match the reliable parts which fits properly is always important. You can easily vouch for a gel blaster upgrade to have a more solid, hard, accurate and reliable blaster.

Why do you need to upgrade your gel blaster?

Well, there are multiple reasons why people want to get a gel blaster upgrade. Do you want to know why it can be beneficial to acquire a gel blaster upgrade? So, have a look at the amazing reasons why considering a gel blaster upgrade can be an effective option for you.

So, here we go:

Improved reliability

Well, this is one of the most common reasons why most of the people prefer to upgrade their gel blasters. No one wants to go with the gel blaster which is not reliable. Therefore, a little bit of modification can be an effective way to improve the reliability of your gel blaster.

Increased distance

Although the most common shooting range of the gel ball blasters is 66 ft. but still, there are plenty of people who want to increase the shooting range or distance of their gel blasters. This desire is also taking various people towards the gel blaster upgrade. So, if you also want to increase distance, you can also consider the gel blaster upgrade in this regard.

Shooting accuracy

Well, most of the people want to get a gel blaster to upgrade to improve shooting accuracy in an effective way. However, shooting accuracy can increase with an adequate hop-up upgrade. It is because honestly, not all of the hop-ups are reliable or great to work with. Well, a gel ball blaster can help you to get better performance and higher accuracy with ease.

Solid build

Most of the people want to get a more solid build or prefer to go with a hard experience to have more fun. This is the reason why people can also consider a gel blaster upgrade with ease.

Which parts can be upgraded in gel blaster? 

Here are the parts of a gel blaster which you can upgrade.

  • Hop-up: to experience improved accuracy
  • Thicker spring: to get increased power to throw gel ball.
  • Gren O-ring: you can improve air-tightness, reduce noise and for a better seal.
  • Motor: Various blasters are housing contain motor in them. Make sure to upgrade the motor carefully.
  • Stronger tappet: This needs to be upgraded if you have put a battery to ensure tappet can match the increased range of shoot.
  • Piston: You can also consider a metal piston set upgrade to avoid wear and tear of the piston.
  • Gear Set: upgrading your gear set will help you to get more rounds per unit time. The gear set consists of 3 gears that work together to create propulsion.
  • Metal Barrel: This can help you to increase accuracy with the smoother surface of the inner barrel.


Upgrading gel blaster is not only the best opportunity to improve its performance. But it can also be the best source to understand blaster internals in the best possible way. However, it is also important to understand the fact that tech-related work is not for everyone. So, we always recommend you to be careful while thinking about a gel blaster upgrade. However, to get more effective and improved results, you can also consider getting professional services in this regard. However, you can easily perform the upgrades which are related to the general parts of gel blaster which only require a simple swap. 

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