Hanke Sniper Kar-98K Gel Blaster Overview

Hanke Sniper Kar-98K Gel Blaster Overview


A new version of KAR 98K is available in the market. 

This product come from Qi Qiaohu / Hanke Toys. 

it is distinguished by the use of cartridges.
Like the real one. That's very realistic.
The cartridges jump when you reload the sniper.

The gel balls are putted on the shells water bomb. You can put 5 shells water bomb on the sniper

The pull bolt group made of nylon, strong and durable. 

This 98K is strong and weighs more than 2 kgs and it is 1.12 meter long.


Presentation video of the KAR 98K:


The product is delivered like this:

KAR 98K need assembled

You need to follow the instruction to assemble it. 

We will send you a video instruction when we sell it. 

This product made a very strong impression on the first customers who are very satisfied with the quality of construction.

98K use alloy tube

 A slow motion video:


2 colors is available: light brown and dark brown. 

More photos of the products:

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