How to Play with Gel Blaster?

How to Play with Gel Blaster?

Gel ball is a game similar to paintball or laser tag in which the gamer whether children or adult is given time to complete the given task. This game is designed with the aim to provide the best real experience of firearms and it is mostly built with plastic.

These gel blaster toy guns are powered by batteries and are designed like science fiction movies. If you know about orbeez then you will easily understand that these gel balls are water-saturated balls just like orbeez. Orbeez are supersaturated absorbent when it is placed in water it grow their volume 100 times more. If you are crazy about playing shooting games then gel balls are the game that you can easily play because these balls are easily affordable and it is safe to play with these balls.

If you are playing with these gel balls then don’t worry you will not get hurt because it is made up of polyester which is supersaturated material. 

If you want to play gel blaster wars in which you don’t have any hazard about injuries then gel balls are the game that is safe and you don’t have to worry about being hurt.

This is not a dangerous game because you are playing with your friends, not with your enemies. You know one thing sports are very good for your body because it make you fit.

Gel ball is a good game in which you have fun playing with your friends but it has many more advantages that you can get from playing this gel blaster wars. If you have a lack of confidence and can’t talk to other people then you do not have to worry about anything because through this game you can find new friends and meet new people makes you confident.

Playing with a lot of people gives you the ability of teamwork because if you are playing in a team and obey the instructions then you can easily win the game.

The best part of this game is that you can go out of your house to play this game and through this, you can keep yourself fit.




If you are planning to play the gel blaster wars then the first thing you should do to make the game memorable is to select the best place. You have to select the place on the following things that are as follows:

  • If you are injured while playing the game they provide the best medical service and quick response to transfer you to the hospital if needed.  
  • They managed to maintain the blaster in which you have greater chances of a live firearm and play with the opponent team.
  • They provide you the basic accessories like gloves, glasses, etc.


Everyone wants to win the gel blaster wars and if you are going on the battlefield to win the game then you have to make the best team. While you are selecting your team, you have to make sure that you have to select the best players depending on their ability to perform on the ground. You have to follow these three steps that will help you to win the game. 


Before entering the battleground you have to know the following things if you are united then you can win the game easily. Always select the best players in the team depending upon their playing abilities, how they perform in the gel blaster battle, how are they using their gel blaster, etc. If you follow these things then surely you will win the game because teamwork is the key to win the game. 


If you are planning to go togel blaster then you have to make sure that you will choose a team with different abilities. Playing in the game is very different and if you are playing with people that have the same ability and they all know the single technique to win the game then you have a very low chance of winning the game. You should design the team with players that are full of different skills and they have enough potential to win the gel blaster battle. If you are planning and do some homework before entering the battleground then you have a higher chance of winning the battle. 

Powering up with equipment

This is true that teamwork will win the game but if you are playing with the best team but no useful equipment then you will also lose the gel blaster battle. You should carry the best gel blaster gun and fight with the aim of winning the game. Your aim is to win the game, not to injure anyone on the ground.


If you have to win the game, then you have to take the best and most modern equipment with you. Gel blaster guns always play an important role in the ground and if you carry the most advanced gun then you have a higher chance of winning the game. You can also modify your gun as per your requirements and enjoy the gel blaster battle. These are some different types of guns you can use to play the gel blaster war and help you to win the games are as follows: 

  • Jinming SCARV2 Upragred
  • Jinming ACR J10 gel blaster upgraded
  • Jinming M4A1-J8 gel blaster upgraded (m4a1 gen 8)
  • Compact BW15 gel blaster upgraded



It is true that a gel blaster wars is one of the most secure games but not wearing the guards to protect yourself is the worst part of the game.

It is the most important part of the game to know about the safety instructions of the game. If you are not wearing glasses while playing the game then there is a huge chance of getting injured and you can be hit by a gel ball in your eyes.

You have to wear the shields that protect your eye from being hit by gel balls. You also have to make sure that never fire in the face of the opponent team and respect the other teams.

Keep following the rules and if you are hit by the gel balls then you have to contact the emergency doctors quickly because if you wait then it can be dangerous for your eyes. You don’t have to take any type of stress before playing the game because it can affect your gel blaster battle but make sure you wear all the safety products before entering the battlefield.



These are the guides that will help you to play the gel blaster. If you follow these steps and enter the battleground then it is guaranteed that you will enjoy the gel blaster battle and surely you will win the match.

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