JM X-2 Gel Blaster Review

JM X-2 Gel Blaster Review

JM X-2 Gel Blaster Unbox & Review

Introduce the Glock 21 Splatter ball blaster

The JM x-2 gel blaster, also called glock 21 by some influencers, is published by jinming toys in 2020. Its predecessor jm x-1 gel blaster, has less popular than the x-2. It was designed based on the glock21 model, and added its own features, such as the torch and sight.

It's a full automatic toy blaster shooting 7-8mm gel balls. The body has 7.4v battery, combined with the 7.4v flashlight, it can reach to 14.8v. The flashlight - perfect for night time games


Difference between x-1 and x-2 gel blaster

The main difference is the extra mags that x2 glock gel blaster brings. The new version of the x-2 gel gun has one more drum magazine and one long magazine.

The drum mag holds a large capacity of gels, so you will never run out of gels while playing with this! The regular mag comes included if you want to change them from time to time. For $59.99, this is a sweet deal!

The latest verion is Integrated with 20mm standard picatinny rail on top, fit with the package included holographic sight. Can be mounted on various sight and scope.

 x-2 gel blaster gun 3 mags

Performance of x-2 Gel Ball Blaster

Shooting range: 15-20m
Velocity: 160 FPS
Rate of fire: 10-12 RPS


What does the x-2 Package include?

1x JM X-2 gel blaster;
1x drum mag
1x long mag
1x regular mag
11500PCS* gellets
1x flashlight;
1x holographic sight
1x 7.4v Rechargeable lipo battery;
1x USB Charger


How to use the gel ball blaster?

1. Fully charge the battery, install the battery to the battery storage as the picture.
2. Soak the gel ball for more than 3 hours;
3. Fill the hopper with soaked gel balls,install the hopper;
4. Turn on the switch,then just enjoy playing.

Disassemble x-2 gel blaster for upgrade

Currently we have 2 upgrade parts for the x-2 glock 21 blaster, the metal gears and hop up. The metal gears can make the gearbox more durable and higher power. While the hop up can increase the shooting range and accuracy.



- cheap price

- releastic gun model

- ergonomic grip

- 3 mags available

- good FPS and RPS

- blowback



- no 11.1v battery upgradable

- some occurence of product issue


In Conclusion:

Is it worth buying? definitely yes! It's a classic glock style gel ball blaster that everyone should try one. Nevermind there is a little cases of product failure, most glock 21 gel blasters are shooting fine.

It's cool appearance with high performance made it an optimal choice for any war game situation and skirmish. Whether you are playing it outdoors or indoors at home, this x-2 orbeez gun will bring lots of fun!

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