JY DSR Foam Dart Gel Ball Blaster Sniper Rifle Review

JY DSR Foam Dart Gel Ball Blaster Sniper Rifle Review

Today what I am presenting is JY DSR 1 Foam Dart Gel Ball Blaster Sniper Rifle, shorten in DSR.

This toy SN is No.ZM068, a real gun prototype copy of DSR sniper rifle, by compressing the spring inside to release piston to generate the power blaster out the foam dart or Gel balls.

This toy level sniper, has no harms or hurts to human body. It inherits all advantages of previous generations, the most updated product.

First thing of first -  the package, strong plastic bag, doubt layer box, foam, great protection, well done.

User manual, no body needed it but it arrives anyway.

What I have is the black and grey version, peel off foam paper, the first thing get into my sight is the 10 gold color of ammo shell.

It came with 2 barrels that support gel balls and foam darts, for increasing playability. From the picture above you can see there are 5 shells for each ammo (gel balls and foam darts), both shells are 70mm long, with ammo insert it reaches 84mm, almost the same size of real bullet. Real copy of .300 magnum caliber ammo is awesome. So far I am seeing the possible of paint loss in short future but its okay.

Details of two barrel:

The longer barrel is a 7mm caliber, 700mm in length, and is made of aluminum except the chamber, fire cap also made by the aluminum and is connected firmly to barrel by a hexagonal screw. Feeling good but the paint could be easily scratched off.

What got my attention is, the length of the toy’s longer barrel is actually the same as real gun’s shorter barrel, I do not know if it’s the real intention of manufacturer or they made a mistake of copy.

Additionally, this DSR toy foam dart gun restored structure of real iron barrel, united the chamber and barrel (at least on visual, the chamber could be dismounted by unscrew), supper improvement than other gel ball blasters.

Assembled JY DSR

This blaster lengths 990mm, weights 3.53KG without ammo installed, the most heavy toy so far among all types. The material used is super good, fish bone, rail, bipod, mag, long barrel and some other small parts all made by metals (at least aluminum).

Some key parts made by stainless steel like bolt, which improved its durability.

Stock, main frame is nylon one time injection.

General speaking, it’s a one-step level toy gun you do not need any modification and it’s the one you can brought to play in the war game.

Awesome looks after scope mounted.


Personal opinion, comparing to other parts, the material used to build the main frame is the disadvantage, try to squeeze hard to the shell ejection window (dust cover) there is a slight deformation.

The safety is double-sided linkage, mechanism is well build, clearly gear and extremely comfortable, engraving is obviously showed almost the same as real gun. The upper and lower receive fit each other tightly, it is difficult to detect the gaps between them, and have no injection burrs. Frame has sharp angels, black color and grey color has great match and brought feeling of serious.

(toggle to middle position of bolt catch, between Safe and Fire, you can dissemble the barrel after un screw three screws)

There are some injection burrs on shell ejection window, I spend 1 minutes to take it off with my knife.

It comes with two mags, both of them can me insert to sniper by front and rear as real gun one use for ammo supply and another for spare. They are well made.

They are different from other toy’s mag, this DSR’s mag is designed with doble side clip, not a strong material but a great design. 2 mags came right for 10 ammos the package contains, as a OCD suffer I leave praise.

Capacity of mag is 5 ammos, with single row feed, powerful spring built inside, it may encounter scratches when you insert last ammo.

There are two metal tube below the fish bone, carrying the slider of handguard.

There is a metal button to adjust the movable nylon handguard, suits for different body size player.

The slider handguard moves with multiple limits and sounds click at each section.

The bipods are mounted on top of the fishbone, which is a very rare design on toys. Beside the bipods clip the rest part are made of metal, you can install it easily on fishbone, there is no tolerance and quite smoothly.

Extend the pods, it hold your sniper firmly, ready to fire sir!

Great material on fish bone and its standard 20mm rail, supper flat combination with receiver. The M-LOK holes on fishbone its for heat dissipation even it’s a toy gun.

(Different color because of different light source), grip is built with rubber, nice Ergonomics copy.

The grip is shaped differently on both side, it’s good for right hand shooter, for left handed shooter are not so friendly.

 It Requires big force to push the trigger as it’s a sniper. Once you made the bolt catch to S level, the trigger is locked.

Whole stock is made by nylon and some small parts are by metal. The support and knob are made by Aluminum, the knob is tightly mounted so you feel tight if you keep turning it.

The white marks on butt plate means level, black paddles controls the positions of butt in different level.

This is artificial leather on cheek rest at stock, the first design on toy gun.

Several problems were encountered when I was installing it.

When replacing the barrel, the barrel must be rotated and inserted to the end before screw it, otherwise there will be shell throwing problem.

 Do not try hard to switch the bolt catch.

The screws from the barrel is easy to get slip due to poor material.

Entire front blaster is made of metal and the rear parts is by nylon, there is a balance issue for kid who hold it.

At the end, this DSR 1 Foam Dart Gel Ball blaster Sniper manufactured by JY is well build, much better than most blaster on the market. With a huge lesson on M200, this DSR is huge step forwarded.

Warning, this toy level sniper gun you can find at our online store: Kublai.shop, it only for war game, house play and video making purpose, should not being carry at open space as it has full apperance details of real sniper.

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