Lehui Steyr AUG A2 Gel Blaster Review & Disassembly

Lehui Steyr AUG A2 Gel Blaster Review & Disassembly

The world of gel blasters continues to expand, offering enthusiasts a diverse array of options to choose from. Among the latest additions to this thrilling hobby is the Lehui Steyr AUG-A2 Gel Blaster, a highly anticipated model that has captured the attention of players and fans alike. In this second part of our in-depth review, we'll delve into the disassembly and performance evaluation of this remarkable gel blaster. Let's explore what makes the Lehui AUG-A2 a standout choice for gel blaster enthusiasts.

Here is a brief video for demonstrating the usage & shooting of Lehui AUG gel ball blaster:

Features of Lehui AUG-A2 Gel Gun

Measuring at an original length of 80.5cm, the Lehui AUG-A2 stands in the ranks of the AK-style gel blasters in terms of size. While it may appear longer than some common AR blasters, it offers the flexibility of adjusting the length with a short sleeve, making it suitable for indoor CQB (Close Quarters Battle) venues, where maneuverability is key.

The Lehui Steyr AUG-A2 Gel Blaster is a force to be reckoned with in the world of gel blaster enthusiasts. With its impressive array of features, including a foldable vertical foregrip, 3-point adjustable foregrip, removable base plate and magazine internals, self-funneling mag fill design, rubber ring on the buttstock, and an 18:1 gear ratio, this gel blaster is designed for both functionality and customization.

lehui aug gel blaster detail

Crafted from strong nylon for its body and gearbox, the Lehui AUG-A2 offers a versatile range of fire modes, including single fire, 3-shot burst, and full auto, making it adaptable to various gameplay scenarios. With a magazine capacity of around 180 gel balls and a powerful 480 motor, this blaster delivers rapid firing action. Its impressive performance stats include speeds of up to 230 feet per second, firing up to 21 rounds per second under an 11.1V setup, and achieving distances of up to 25 meters.

The Lehui Steyr AUG-A2 Gel Blaster is a must-have for enthusiasts seeking power, precision, and customization in their gel blaster experience.

Lehui AUG Gel Blaster Dismanting

Disassembling the Upper Receiver

To truly understand the Lehui AUG-A2, it's essential to explore its internal components. Disassembling the upper receiver reveals the intricate details of this gel blaster. The process begins by removing the magazine dowels and the orange upper and lower receivers, separating the upper receiver forward and the lower receiver backward.

lehui steyr aug-a2 gel blaster

One notable feature is the flash hider, which can be easily disassembled by unscrewing it. Interestingly, the AUG employs a 13.2mm orthodontic thread for the flash hider, deviating from the more common 14mm CCW tooth used in other blasters. The guide rail, with a width of approximately 20.6mm, allows for the installation of scopes and sights with conventional fix rods. However, quick-release sights with square fixed rod bottoms may require a third-party standard rail due to the shallow and narrow guide rail slot.

disasemble lehui steyr aug gel blaster

During the upper receiver separation, attention should be given to the gas tube assembly and the outer barrel. The charging handle, which also aids in fixing the gas tube assembly, should be pulled to the rear before separation, ensuring a smooth disassembly process.

One impressive aspect of the Lehui AUG-A2 is its meticulous attention to detail in both visible and concealed components. This commitment to craftsmanship is evident throughout the upper receiver.

Disassembling the Lower Receiver

lehui aug gel blaster butt stock


Moving on to the lower receiver, it becomes apparent that Lehui has designed this gel blaster with user-friendliness in mind. Removing the rubber back cover, the metal baffle, and the rubber cover of the ejection window on both sides is straightforward.

Furthermore, detaching the rear electronic signal transmission line and the magazine power supply line from the quick-release socket is a breeze. Inside the grip, two built-in toggle switches connect to the trigger, with the upper one serving as a safety switch for fire modes, including single-shot and three-shot bursts.

Gearbox Disassembly

The heart of any gel blaster lies within its gearbox, and the Lehui AUG-A2 is no exception. This gel blaster utilizes a simplified V3 gearbox, eschewing the traditional trigger unit structure in favor of an electronic control system. A micro switch transmits the gearbox's gear travel signal.

lehui aug gearbox

The gearbox's shell is constructed from polycarbonate (PC) material, which offers durability and density superior to nylon, according to industry insiders. The nozzle head, made from nitrile rubber, boasts moderate hardness. The spring used in the AUG-A2 gearbox is a 1.1mm variant, and a short axis 480 motor powers the entire blaster.

lehui aug steyr motor

Performance and Evaluation

After conducting performance tests, it's evident that the Lehui AUG-A2 is a formidable gel blaster. The average firing power hovers around 220 feet per second (FPS), with an initial velocity of approximately 65 meters per second (m/s) and an average joule output of 0.47J.

Despite extensive use, this sample retains its comfort and stability. When paired with an 11.1V lithium battery, the Lehui AUG-A2 exhibits exceptional performance. The gel blaster boasts a shooting range of approximately 16-18 meters, with a tight bullet spread. Single-shot and three-shot bursts are crisp and stable, delivering an engaging gameplay experience.

lehui aug blaster performance


In assessing the Lehui AUG-A2 Gel Blaster, several advantages and disadvantages come to light.


  1. Durable Construction: Crafted from a blend of nylon and fiber materials, the Lehui AUG-A2 radiates strength and offers a comfortable grip.

  2. One-Piece Magazine: The original one-piece magazine design showcases meticulous attention to detail.

  3. Proportional Accuracy: The gel blaster boasts accurate proportions and details, complemented by a split quick-release mechanism for enhanced playability.

  4. Versatile Fire Modes: The Lehui AUG-A2's built-in fire control system allows for three shooting modes, making it adaptable to various scenarios.

  5. Easy Gearbox Access: The gearbox's simplified design facilitates convenient maintenance, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

  6. Innovative Mag Prime Design: The original factory's mag prime design eliminates the need for players to install additional components.



  1. Limited Rail Compatibility: The guide rail may not accommodate quick-release sights, necessitating the use of a third-party standard rail.

  2. Non-Standard Barrel Thread: The outer barrel employs a 13.2mm thread instead of the more common 14mm CCW interface.

  3. Foregrip Looseness: Some users have reported minor looseness in the foregrip.


In conclusion

The Lehui Steyr AUG-A2 Gel Blaster stands out as an impressive addition to the gel blaster market. Its robust construction, meticulous attention to detail, and versatile fire control options make it a noteworthy choice for gel blaster enthusiasts. While it does have some minor drawbacks, these can be mitigated with additional accessories and modifications, further enhancing its appeal. Whether you're a seasoned player or a newcomer to the world of gel blasters, the Lehui AUG-A2 is certainly worth considering for your arsenal.

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