Top 2 Gelsoft Blasters in the UK 2023

Top 2 Gelsoft Blasters in the UK 2023

For people coming from the United Kingdom, you may be wondering where to get the best gel blaster gun in the UK. The good news is that this is an exhilarating article for you guys who are interested in gel blasters.

The gel blaster, which is also called gelsoft or orbeez guns, is a popular toy gun that can shoot out water beads. Most are electric battery-powered for fully automatic shooting. The engine of the gel blaster is called the gearbox, which provides power to push the gel balls out.

The ammo used in gel blaster is called gel balls or gellets, water beads, which is a water-absorbant polyester. It will immediately burst out when hitting the object. The gel balls are eco-friendly, non-toxic, and mess-free, they will disappear if they are not attended to.

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But first and foremost, let's get to know the legal issue before buying a gelsoft from the UK.


What is a Gelsoft Blaster?

Gelsoft blasters, also known as gel blasters or gel ball blasters, are recreational toy guns that shoot small, water-absorbent gel balls as projectiles. They are designed to provide a fun and relatively safe shooting experience, often as an alternative to more traditional shooting sports like airsoft or paintball.


Gelsoft guns typically use a magazine or hopper to hold the gel balls, and are powered by a battery or hand-pumped spring mechanism. They may have semi-automatic or fully automatic firing modes and may be designed to resemble a wide range of real-world firearms, including handguns, rifles, and submachine guns.

The use and possession of gelsoft guns is regulated by laws that vary by country and region. In some areas, gelsoft guns may be classified as toys and may be used freely, while in other areas they may be subject to the same regulations as real firearms. It is important to be familiar with the laws and regulations in your area before purchasing or using a gelsoft gun.



Are Gel Blasters Legal in the UK?

Currently, there are no specific laws about the legality of the splatter ball blaster in the UK and you can buy it free from any online store. But, some of the gel blasters resemble real firearm imitations. So to avoid unnecessary trouble, we do not recommend you take out realistic toy blasters to public places.

As for the kids' style gel blasters, it's safer to show in public and play outdoors. But also need to take heed not to shoot at strangers.


Best Gel Blasters in the UK 2023🔥🔥🔥

To satisfy our customer needs and supply the best cheap blasters to the united kingdom people, our gel ball blasters specialists have summarized 3 top best selling gelsoft blasters


Top 1. Graffiti m1911 Gel Ball Blaster

The 1911 graffiti gel blaster is getting more and more popular these days., will be hot selling in 2023. Not only it's a classic colt m1911 style, but also it's powerful and fun to play. Although it's a pistol small blaster, it uses a 7.4v lipo battery which granted good power and rate of fire.

This m1911 gelsoft is printed with graffiti skin. Equipped with the orange tip so you don't need to worry about shipping issues. It's a hopper bottle feed and has 3-side rails for modifications.

It's a variation from the said m1911 cs009 gel blaster, but with a better-looking and lightweight carry-out.

Here is a brief video for the introduction of the 1911 blaster:


Let's take a look at how it performs. The shooting process of this gel ball blaster is pretty good, and so far has met with no issues. This gel blaster has a 130FPS for velocity, a 10-12m shooting range, and an outstanding rate of fire of 15RPS!

Other features worth mentioning:
- Compact and lightweight.
- 20mm standard Picatinny rails
- Nice looking graffiti skin.

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Top 2. YT634 Gelsoft

The yt634 gel ball blaster is another good option for UK people to have fun. Unlike most gel blasters using 7-8mm gellets, the yt634 use 9-11mm gels.

The larger gel balls imply a better shooting experience and a softer hit on the target, which means it's safer for kids to play. Because the larger gel balls will have less shooting power.

The performance of the yt634 is quite the same as most kid's gel blasters. It has a shooting range of 15-20m, 8RPS, and 80FPS.

It has semi and full auto fire modes. One of the features worth mentioning is that this blaster can shoot full-length nerf darts. All you need do is manually input a dart into the muzzle and press the trigger!

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Where can I buy Gel Ball Blasters in the UK?

There are not many stores selling gel blasters in the UK. But these two stores are trustworthy. One of them is the Kublai., which is this store you are browsing.😂

The other store that is renowned in the industry is called zhenduo blaster. They can sell both realistic gel blasters, foam blasters, etc. They have many years of experience in this gel blaster market.

We are glad to see more and more people diving into this hobby in the UK, and biu blaster will provide the best quality gel blasters and make it thrive in the UK.

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