What Gel Blasters Upgrades You Need for an Even Playing Field

What Gel Blasters Upgrades You Need for an Even Playing Field

If you own a gel blaster and are playing with it without any upgrades, then it is time for a change. Because you can maximize your fun by a hundredfold with some good upgrades. Since it brings more fun and makes you play with it more as the upgrades are amazing. And that is every experience gel blaster players recommend people to upgrade their toy guns. But many newcomers do not know how to upgrade their gel blasters properly. Because this can be a bit difficult subject for people who are new. Since they do not know what to or when to upgrade their toy guns.


Due to these reasons, we are writing this post to help all the newcomers who are looking for new upgrades. So in this post, you will be able to learn what are some major upgrades you can do to your gel blaster gun that will improve its performance. Therefore you will be able to enjoy playing with these guns to your fullest potential just like others who are at the arena or field.


Because right now, almost all gel blaster players do upgrade to their toy guns. So they have an advantage over you who are playing with the basic toy gun. But after reading this post, you will be able to match them or even surpass them. Since this small post will have all the information you need to do the best upgrades possible.


image of a man with a upgraded gel blaster

5 Must-have Gel Blaster Upgrades

1. Clip

You can upgrade the gel blaster ammo clip with a new one that will allow you to store more gel balls. And this will allow you to play with one clip for an extended time. Also, with more extra clips in your vest, you can prolong your entire playing time. Because of this many players have turned to upgraded clips like drum clip or magazines. You can also blast or spray your opponents with gel balls continuously without refilling. So this upgrade has a competitive advantage as well. Therefore make sure you also upgrade your ammo clip for your gel blaster gun to enjoy these cool features.


2. Motor

Increasing the RPM of your motor have a definite advantage. Because you can shoot more gel balls at a faster rate if the RPM of the motor is high. Due to this reason, most gel blaster players equip motors with a high RPM. For example, motors with RPM within the range of 25000-45000 are highly popular among these players. Also, with a high RPM, you will be able to shoot gel balls for a longer distance as well. So this is one of the highly beneficial upgrades that every gel blaster gun should have. And that is why you need to replace your gel blaster with a motor that has an RPM within the range mentioned above. But make sure the motor is compatible with the gearbox of your gun before you buy.


3. Sights

Sights can increase the focus and provide you with the ability to shoot accurately. And this is the same case for gel blasters, airsoft, and any type of toy gun or real. Also, these sights add a realistic look to the toy gun as well that many enjoy. Because people like to pretend and enjoy playing with gel blasters as if they are real guns. But they do increase the ability to shoot accurately as well when it comes to a short distance. However, this is not the case when shooting targets at long distances. So add a sight suitable for your gel blaster aesthetically and operationally as an upgrade to enjoy these features.


4. Buttstocks & Buffer tubes

Custom buttstocks and buffer tubes also give more realistic looks to the gel blaster guns as an upgrade. But it also makes the handling of the toy gun easier since you can smoothly hold it down with these attachments. But this does not affect that much when it comes to playing with a gel blaster as there isn't a shock when shooting gel balls out of the toy gun. Because the main benefit of buttstocks and buffer tubes is to exert the shock. And that is why people upgrade these attachments just for increasing the realistic look of the gel blasters.


5. Custom Color & Skin

Adding a custom color or a skin to your gel blaster is a unique upgrade that can personalize the toy gun to fit your standards. And that is why you can see many gel blaster players use this as a chance to show off their toy guns with personalized looks. So if you want to also do it, then find a good customize and go ahead with your designs and colors. And you can DIY as well with spray paints and stickers.

image of a man holding a gel blaster with upgrades

Parting Thoughts!

With these upgrades, you will be able to enjoy your gel blaster to the maximum potential possible. But make sure you do the upgrades with a good gel blaster vendor if you don't know how to do it yourself. And also, remember to buy the best upgrades possible as well to enjoy them for a long time. All these things are possible if you find a good vendor!

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