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AKA M870 R2 Super Shorty Gel Blaster

AKA M870 R2 Super Shorty Gel Blaster

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Replicated from the famous “super shorty” made by Serbu Firearms, as seen in Terminator: Dark Fate... Say hello to the AKA M870 R2 Supershorty.

This gel blaster features a solid full nylon construction with a metal outer barrel, 8-13m range, Shell Eject.

The shells have a brass cap, and the gel blaster is shooting approx 220 FPS.


- Shell Ejecting.
- Buck Shot (Fires as many Gel Balls as Loaded into Each Shell).
- Top Rail Attachment Points (Does not include top rail).
- Manufactured with the Utmost Attention to Detail and Alpha King Quality Assurance
- Realistic Shotgun Sound when Cocking
- Shell Loading Design
- Alloy Inner Barrel
- Metal Outer Barrel
- Metal Pump Handle
- Folding/Locking Pump Handle
- Inscribed Remington Model 870
- Metal Trigger
- Metal Safety Switch
- Nylon Grip
- Metal Textured Foregrip
- Adjustable Foregrip
- Red Highlights
- Each Blaster Features a Unique Serial Number Etched
- Dust Cover Slides Open with Every Pump

- Nylon Sling Point


Brand: alpha king

Model: R2 Super Shorty
Type: Mechanical, Spring Powered, Pump-Action
Scale: Approx 1:1 Ratio

Gel Ball Capacity: Approx 21 Total; 7 Gels Per Shell

Material: nylon

COlor: black

Spring: 1.4x175mm

Ammo type: 7-8mm gel ball


Shooting range: 10-13m

Velocity: Up to 200 Feet Per Second

Package Includes:
1x Alpha King R2 Super-Shorty Gel ball Blaster
3x Shells
1x Pair of Safety Glasses
1x 10,000 Alpha King Gels
1x Screw on End Cap
1x Chinese Instructions

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