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Electric Leak Proof Shark Bubble Blaster Sound Light Blower Toy

Electric Leak Proof Shark Bubble Blaster Sound Light Blower Toy

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Introducing the Electric Cute Shark Bubble Blaster – a sensational and adorable bubble blower toy that brings a sea of excitement to playtime! With its innovative features, captivating design, and delightful sound and light effects, this bubbly companion guarantees hours of aquatic-inspired joy for kids of all ages.

Key Features:

  1. Captivating Shark Design: Immerse your child in the wonders of the ocean with the captivating shark-themed bubble blower. The friendly shark shape, complete with vibrant colors and charming details, creates an engaging and visually appealing play experience.

  2. Effortless Bubble Magic: Watch in awe as a stream of bubbles fills the air! The Electric Cute Shark Bubble Blaster effortlessly produces a continuous flow of bubbles, enhancing playtime with its enchanting bubble magic.

  3. Sound and Light Effects: Elevate the excitement with interactive sound and light effects that mimic the splashes and sounds of the ocean. The combination of bubbles, lights, and sounds creates a multisensory experience that delights and engages young adventurers.

  4. Simple Operation: Designed for ease of use, this bubble blaster toy features a simple one-button operation. Kids can activate the bubbles, lights, and sounds with a single press, allowing them to enjoy the aquatic adventure independently.

  5. Refillable and Spill-Resistant: The transparent bubble solution container lets you monitor bubble levels, ensuring uninterrupted play. The spill-resistant design minimizes mess, making refills a breeze for both kids and parents.

  6. Safe and Child-Friendly: Crafted from safe and durable materials, the Electric Cute Shark Bubble Blaster ensures worry-free playtime. The bubble solution is non-toxic, allowing kids to immerse themselves in an ocean of bubbly joy.

  7. Indoor and Outdoor Fun: Whether indoors on a rainy day or outdoors under the sun, this bubble blower toy adapts effortlessly. Its versatile design allows kids to enjoy bubbly escapades in various settings.

  8. Imaginative Play: Encourage creative play and social interaction as kids chase and pop bubbles together. The shark-themed design sparks imaginative adventures, fostering motor skills and coordination.

  9. Battery-Powered Convenience: The Electric Cute Shark Bubble Blaster runs on batteries for hassle-free play. This ensures portability and allows kids to explore bubbly fun without the limitations of cords or chargers.



Material: abs plastic

Battery type:  2x AA (not included)

Size: 17*16*7cm

Weight: 300g



1x shark bubble gun

1x bottle with solution

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