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LZ059 Shark Manual Bazooka Rocket Launcher Foam Blaster

LZ059 Shark Manual Bazooka Rocket Launcher Foam Blaster

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【Long Range】: This bazooka soft gun is capable of firing bullets and bazooka mortars and has a long range, allowing players to play and shoot at great distances.


【Aerodynamic】: This soft bomb uses aerodynamic principles to fire bullets and bazooka mortars by compressing the force of air. This design makes the toy safer because it does not require the use of real gunpowder or other dangerous substances.


【Soft bomb design】: Soft bomb guns use soft ammunition, such as those made of foamed plastic or rubber. These soft projectiles are elastic enough to bounce off a target without causing serious injury to a person. This makes toys safer and more suitable for children.


【Versatile】: Shark Bazooka Air special soft projectile guns usually have multiple functions and can be fired in different modes. It may have single-shot and series-shot modes, or it may have other special features, such as ballistics adjustment or sights, to make the game more interesting and challenging.


Brand: Yuezhiqing
Material: plastic
Shooting range: 12m
Green; blue

  • Ammo type:

     Foam shell

  • Weight: 1000g
  • package size: 46.5*10*30cm

Package included:
1x Shark bazooka air soft bomb gun

 Foam shell

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