HDS68 Double Barrel Foam Blaster Toy Gun Review

HDS68 Double Barrel Foam Blaster Toy Gun Review

HDS68 Foam Blaster Toy Gun Review

The hds-68 foam dart blaster is a realistic-style shotgun nerf gun with two barrels. It's super welcomed by toy gun fans recently and has received much positive feedback. From what Biu Blaster perceives, the hds68 could be the best double-barreled blaster so far in the market. So it's worth taking a look at how good the hds68 blaster is.

Here is a brief introduction video showcasing this blaster:

What is a Double Barrel Nerf Gun?

A double-barrel nerf gun is a type of toy gun that features two barrels and the ability to shoot two darts or other projectiles at once. Nerf guns, also known as Nerf blasters, are a popular brand of toy guns that use foam darts or other soft projectiles as ammunition.

Double barrel nerf guns typically use a mechanism that allows the user to alternate between firing one barrel or both barrels at the same time. Some models may also have additional features, such as the ability to hold multiple darts in the barrels or to switch between firing modes, such as single shot or rapid fire.

Features & Specs of hds 68 foam blaster

The main features of the HDS68 is as follows:
[Shell Ejecting]
this hds68 sawed-off double barrel foam dart blaster has a shocking fast shell ejecting function, the shells will be immediately thrown out in a super fast way when you break the body.

[2 Barrel & 3 Mode Shooting Options]
The hds68 nerf blaster is equipped with a double barrel. Besides, it has three fire modes, which means you can choose to shoot the left or right barrel alone or to fire two barrels at the same time.

[Good Firepower and Range]
The shotgun dart blaster needs to use 20pcs full-length foam darts. According to our tester, it can achieve up to 90FPS firepower by shooting 7.2cm darts, which is not bad. The shooting range is up to 15 meters and very accurate within 8 meters.

Brand: biu blaster
Material: nylon + metal
Fire mode: manual action
Shooting options: left, right & both
Length: 47cm
Weight: 800g

Package includes:
1x hds 68 foam blaster
6x large shells
20x full length nerf darts
1x manual instruction

hds68 nerf blaster package

How to Use HDS68 Dart Blaster?

In general, nerf guns, also known as nerf blasters, are toy guns that use foam darts or other soft projectiles as ammunition. To use a nerf gun, you typically load the darts into the barrel or magazine of the gun, pull back the slide or prime the gun to load the dart, and then press the trigger to fire the dart. Some nerf guns may have additional features, such as multiple firing modes or the ability to hold multiple darts at once, and may require different steps to use these features.

It is important to always follow the instructions and warnings provided with your nerf gun and to use it responsibly to avoid any potential injuries or accidents. Nerf guns should not be used to intimidate or harm others.

Here is a simple image to illustrate how to install and use hds68:

hds68 foam blaster usage instructions


Advantage and disadvantage


- hard nylon & metal construction

- realistic shell ejection.

- compact size.

- the spring is upgradable.



- unique shells, not compatible with other foam blasters.

- single color variation.

- not cheap.


In Conclusion

Is it worth buying? The answer is Yes! This is the most powerful double barrel nerf blaster among its counterparts. Its shell ejecting mechanism is a great restoration of the hds 68 double barrel sawed off shotgun. After it's upgraded to a 1.8mm spring, it can be very powerful and hit hard at any target.

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