How to Have a 600 FPS Gel Blaster?

How to Have a 600 FPS Gel Blaster?

Do you want the most powerful gel blaster gun? 

You have a gel blaster, you have been using it for a few weeks, months and you got used to this performance, or maybe your gaming friends have better gel blasters.

That's why you ask yourself the question, how to improve the power, and therefore increase the FPS.

We will see that it is easy and at the same time more complex than that if you really want to do something good, something lasting.

In this article, we will talk about most powerful gel blasters, which are forbidden to children. For more information about safety, please read our disclaimer page. 


What is the gel blaster FPS?

FPS is the short way for 'Feet Per Second' and is a measure of speed of the gel balls.
The FPS is measured with a tool called chronograph.

fps test

This device has two sensors, so it measures the time it takes the gel balls to travel the distance between the two sensors. The tool takes into account the mass of the gel ball, that is, its size and weight to establish the speed. 


How to have high fps gel blaster? 

Two solution for you:

  • Buy a powerful gel blaster
  • Upgraded a gel blaster

What is the gel blaster with the highest fps on the US market? 

Let's have a look at the different FPS level:


600 fps gel blaster 

Sorry, but its not possible to have 600 fps or 500 fps.

For the simple reason that the gel balls are soft, they cannot withstand the blast of the gearbox and will be destroyed before being fired.

You can see that with a 300 fps gel blaster and single balls, they are already too soft and break before being shipped.
This is why it is recommended to use harder gel balls like LDT 3.0 for high performance gel blasters.


500 fps gel blaster

The same as for 600 fps, we are still too high. 


400 fps gel blaster

Yes, it's possible to reach it, safe. 

Some electric gel blasters with metal gearbox and few upgraded gearbox parts can reach more than 350 fps. 

Exemple: 13:1 Heavy duty steel gears, M130 spring, SHS high torque motor, alloy barrel.

More information about gel blaster upgraded

Also with HPA gel blaster,  you can reach more than 450 fps.

GBG will propose HPA gel blaster soon: 


300 fps gel blaster

With a good gel blaster I can be reach easily from the box or just by change the spring. 
Our GBG SR16 reach 310 fps, just by change the main spring by M110 spring

Our M4 PUNISHER come with 310 fps out the box. 

For other gel blaster, more cheaper one, it can also reach with a full gearbox upgraded. 
Our gel blaster upgraded sell on this website are close to 290 fps. 

Sniper have also very good FPS. The AWM is the CNC upgrade kit reach more than 300 fps. 


250 fps gel blaster

That's the minimum we recommend to have fun with gel blasters.

Most good products reach this speed easily. Pour les cités:


200 fps gel blaster

It's a good start to have fun. This is a power that can be found on short products.
Pistol, SMG etc..


Below 200 fps 

Below 200, it goes for children. In this range, we find the colorful products that can be found on Amazon, WallMart or Chinese sites. 


How to upgraded the gel blaster to have high FPS? 

It easy, just change the main spring !

Yes, you can have 400 fps with a basic nylon gearbox with nylon gears.


The difference between original and upgrade spring:

This youtuber will try several springs in a Gen8 nylon gearbox with 11.1v battery: M90, M100, M140, M150:

The nylon gearbox and the nylon gears are quite resistant. They can handle the different springs well until the last one is too hard for the poor gearbox.

But you have to understand that putting a big spring in a simple gearbox is like putting a GT35 turbo on a 1.8 Camry, it can run fast, but for how long?

Je pose un turbo énorme sur ma BMW 530i, mais elle prend feu..... - YouTube

Indeed, a preparation of a gearbox of gel blaster or car, it is the same thing, it is the synergy of parts that makes the overall performance.

This youtuber also made the test until the destruction of the gearbox to know the limits. With this video, you will understand why it is necessary to improve completely the gearbox or order high powered gel blaster.

He tries here an aluminium gearbox V2 model BASIC  of the brand LDT:


Contrary to the LDT EXPERT gearbox model, the gearbox did not resist very long. This version is made of zinc, even stronger than aluminum.

For the 400 fps, the material of the gearbox and gears must be stronger than aluminium. 

In conclusion, the spring change alone allows to directly improve the power and thus the FPS. But this is only one element to take into account among many others.

What is the point of having a high FPS?

It allows a better game experience, to shoot further and therefore reach the opponents more easily.


But why are we improving the rest as well?

To have a durable product, and constant performance, these elements should also be considered.

  • Gearbox shell
  • Bearing
  • Cylinder
  • Piston
  • Gears
  • Engine
  • Tube
  • Mofset
  • Battery
  • Hard gel balls

It is also necessary to find the good compromise price / parts / performances / use


What is the limit of the FPS?

The limit is also regulatory.

- The law in your state, country. 

- Game rules (Some wargame are limited to 350 FPS)

A 11.1v battery improves FPS?

No, if you do just this modification. It will improve the shoot per second.
Yes, if the battery is a part of a full upgraded. 


Why are we so absorbed on FPS?

It's like the horsepower under the hood, we want as much as possible. Even if the car is undriveable, can't take a turn and the engine has to be rebuilt after 1000 miles.
Here it's the same thing, it's the same bias that pushes us to have as much FPS as possible and it's the same result.

It's the same for the aluminum gearbox, at some point it will crack under the force.
That's why after this level of power, you have to switch to a titanium or zinc gearbox.
All elements need to be improved to have good performance.

FPS VS Precision

Depending on the parts installed, on an electric gel blaster, the increase in FPS will degrade the accuracy.

You can see the difference here between middle and high FPS:


High FPS and Noise 

Here are some things we forget, the gel blasters with improvements and reaching a high FPS do make much noise.
This can be problematic depending on your use, your place. 



We were able to see what FPS is, what is the point of having a powerful gel blaster and how to get it.
Now I would like your opinion, at what power a gel blaster is interesting?
Has this article answered your questions?
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