Injection Molding Lynx Foam Dart Blaster Review

Injection Molding Lynx Foam Dart Blaster Review

When it comes to foam dart blasters, enthusiasts and players are always on the lookout for the next best thing to take their foam warfare to the next level. In this review, we'll dive deep into the world of foam blasting with the Injection Molding Lynx Foam Dart Blaster. This impressive foam blaster is an injection molding version of the popular Lynx blaster, and it comes packed with features and capabilities that will leave foam blaster fans delighted. From its unique design to its remarkable performance, we'll explore it all. Let's get started!

Meet the Feline Foam Blaster

The Injection Molding Lynx Foam Dart Blaster, also known as the "feline foam blaster," is a game-changer in the foam blasting world. It takes the foundation of the Lynx blaster and enhances it with a combination of features that foam blaster enthusiasts will find incredibly exciting.

Features that Set the Feline Foam Blaster Apart

1. Bullpup Mag-Fed Design: One of the standout features of the Lynx Foam Dart Blaster is its bullpup design. This configuration places the magazine behind the trigger, resulting in a more compact and maneuverable blaster. It's a feature that many foam blaster enthusiasts appreciate for its ergonomic advantages.

2. Pump-Action: The Lynx Foam Dart Blaster is a pump-action blaster, allowing for precise and controlled shots. The pump-action mechanism ensures that you have full control over when and how you fire your foam darts, making it ideal for both accuracy and quickfire situations.

3. Closed Bolt Mag Swaps: A unique feature of the feline foam blaster is the closed bolt mag swap system. This design allows for quick and efficient magazine changes, keeping you in the game without missing a beat.

4. Slam-Fire Capability: The Lynx Foam Dart Blaster offers slam-fire functionality, allowing you to rapidly fire foam darts with a single pull of the trigger. It's perfect for those intense foam blaster battles when speed is of the essence.

5. Compatibility with Longshot and Talon Claw Springs: Versatility is key with the Lynx Foam Dart Blaster. It's compatible with a wide range of springs, including those from Longshot and Talon Claw blasters. This means you can fine-tune your blaster's performance to suit your play style and preferences.

6. Easy Disassembly: Cleaning, maintenance, and customization are made easy with the Lynx Foam Dart Blaster. It can be completely disassembled with ease, allowing you to make upgrades or modifications as needed.

7. Foregrip Attachment: While it's possible to prime the blaster without a foregrip attachment, it's highly recommended to use one. A foregrip enhances stability and control, improving your overall foam blasting experience.

8. Talon Mag Compatibility: The Lynx Foam Dart Blaster is compatible with talon magazines, providing you with a variety of magazine options to choose from.


Power-Up Your Blaster

If you're looking to push your foam blasting capabilities to the max, the Lynx Foam Dart Blaster offers the potential for substantial power upgrades. With the right modifications, you can achieve even greater power, range, and accuracy, making your foam blaster an even more formidable opponent on the battlefield.


Brand: Yinlun
Material: Injection Molding ABS Plastic
Fire Mode: Manual
Colors: Red, Purple
Shooting Range: 12-15 meters
Firepower: 150 FPS (Feet per Second)
Ammo Type: Stefan Short Nerf Darts
Weight: 1.4 kg

Performance that Packs a Punch

The Lynx Foam Dart Blaster doesn't just look impressive; it delivers outstanding performance to match. With a firing range of 12-15 meters and a firepower of 150 FPS, this foam blaster means business. Whether you're engaged in close-quarters battles or long-range skirmishes, the Lynx Foam Dart Blaster has you covered.

Ammo Compatibility

One of the great things about the Lynx Foam Dart Blaster is its compatibility with Stefan Short Nerf Darts. These darts are known for their accuracy and reliability, ensuring that your shots hit their mark with precision.

The Build Quality

When it comes to foam blasters, durability is a crucial factor. The Lynx Foam Dart Blaster, made from high-quality injection molding ABS plastic, is built to last. Its robust construction can withstand the rigors of intense foam blasting battles, ensuring it remains a reliable companion for countless battles to come.

Colors to Suit Your Style

The Lynx Foam Dart Blaster is available in two eye-catching colors: red and purple. Choose the one that resonates with your personality and makes a statement on the battlefield. Whether you prefer a bold and fiery look or a sleek and stealthy appearance, there's a Lynx Foam Dart Blaster color option for you.


LYNX Blaster Disassembly

Obviously, this structure is a universal AEG grip.

lynx blaster grip

Position the nut first,

Push the handle along the slot



Then install the screws from the inside of the grip to fix it.

Assemble the finished product
Left view

lynx nerf gun



right elevation

lynx foam dart blaster



It is a standard 21mm picatinny rail size. You can install the optical fiber sights you like to try the effect. It is very convenient to aim.



Inner barrel
The 16mm outer diameter aluminum tube has internal chamfering at the outlet. Larger sling loops are designed on the left and right sides of the front of the upper receiver, indicating that more types of slings can be used.

lynx barrel



If you want to add a flash hider or muzzle to it, please note that it can only be fitted with a decorative flash hider with a 16mm inner diameter.


It is said that it is a 10 rounds magazine, the actual maximum ammunition capacity is 12 rounds, but to avoid jamming, it is recommended to load only 10 rounds.

lynx nerf blaster magazine


3. Contruction

Strength combination

First of all, the main body is made of ABS, but as long as the parts that require high spring power are involved, they are all made of metal.



For example, the push-pull rod, which is most easily damaged, is replaced with steel. The fixed screws are reliable large hexagon socket screws.


Quick release dowel structure
The competitive trigger is fixed with a quick release dowel.

lynx blaster trigger



There are also thick flat quick release pins on the front of the upper receiver


There is also a flat quick release pin on the butt stock part, whose main function is to facilitate quick spring replacement.
Let's see how to quickly replace the spring.



After remove the stock pin, the buttstock is directly drawn out.

lynx butt stock


After quick release and replace the spring, and then pay attention to unscrewing the two fixing screws on the t-piece, so that the tee can be removed (because it is an inverted cylinder, there is an airtight O-ring at the t-piece connecting the cylinder)

The spring can be replaced after removing the cylinder.

upgrade the lynx blaster spring

It can be seen that the material and wire diameter of the upper and lower springs are obviously different.


4. The firing mechanism

Different from the traditional manual action nerf gun, let's look at the characteristics of the inverted cylinder.

1. The foregrip is pulled back and the spring is compressed.


2. When the foregrip returns, the patter head will move forward with the compressed spring.

3. Pull the trigger, the patter head instantly returns to the position, the compressed air is sent upward from the tee, and the short nerf dart is pushed out.


Final Thoughts

The Injection Molding Lynx Foam Dart Blaster is a game-changer in the foam blasting world. Its unique design, versatile features, and remarkable performance make it a top choice for foam blaster enthusiasts and players looking to dominate the battlefield. Whether you're an experienced foam warrior or just getting started, the Lynx Foam Dart Blaster offers endless fun and excitement.

Make this summer unforgettable with the Lynx Foam Dart Blaster in your arsenal. Upgrade your foam blasting game, customize your blaster to your heart's content, and get ready to engage in epic foam wars like never before. This blaster is the perfect choice for those who demand both performance and style in their foam blasters.

So, are you ready to elevate your foam blasting experience with the Injection Molding Lynx Foam Dart Blaster? Choose your color, load up your darts, and let the foam warfare begin. The Lynx Foam Dart Blaster is your ticket to foam-blasting glory. Get yours today and become the ultimate foam warrior on the battlefield!

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