Top 5 Reasons Gel Blasters are Not Painful

Top 5 Reasons Gel Blasters are Not Painful

Does Gel Ball Blasters Hurt?

For any gel blasters, beginners are parents ready to buy for their kids, and the safety of the gel ball blasters is the primary concern. The toy guns that shot projectiles are all hurting to some degree. The toy blasters like airsoft or paintballs will cause a sting feeling when being shot. 


This article will give you knowledge of the gel blaster orbeez toy gun and tackle the question that is gel ball blasters gun painful.

What Are Gel Blasters Guns?

Gel blasters are a kind of toy gun that shoot out projectiles. The main difference between the gel gun and other toy blasters is the ammo type. 


The gel blaster use water beads called gel balls, gellets, orbeez as bullets. These gel balls will immediately burst out upon impact on the objects and leave only water as residue. The gel balls are water-based. They are environmentally friendly, mess-free, and non-toxic.


If you are playing with these gel balls then don’t worry you will not get hurt because it is made up of polyester which is a supersaturated material. 


The power of the gel blasters is far less than airsoft, and the velocity of the gel blasters for kids to play usually are 100-120FPS, which is very safe to play

gel blaster


Do Gel Blasters Hurt When Get Shot?

The gel balls that the gel blaster use are water-absorbent polymer water beads. They come in the pack as tiny and dry beads. You need to soak them in enough water for letting them grow to their full size in 3-4 hours. The size of the gellets ranges from 7mm-13mm. You can see the water beads will become much bigger than before and they are fragile and squishy.

water beads

Here is a chanllenge for testing if the gel blaster hurts.

Top 5 Reasons Gel Blasters are Not Painful

Gel blasters are designed to provide a less painful and safer alternative to other recreational shooting activities like airsoft or paintball. Here are the top five reasons why gel blasters are generally not painful:

  1. Soft Impact: Gel blaster balls are made of a superabsorbent polymer that can hold a significant amount of water. When they impact a target or a person, they disintegrate upon contact, releasing their liquid content. This results in a soft, cushioned impact, significantly reducing the pain associated with getting hit.

  2. Lower Velocity: Gel blasters typically have a lower muzzle velocity compared to airsoft guns or paintball markers. This means that the gel balls are traveling at lower speeds, reducing the force with which they strike a target.

  3. Lightweight Projectiles: Gel blaster balls are lightweight, which contributes to their reduced impact force. They are less likely to cause bruises or welts compared to heavier projectiles used in other shooting sports.

  4. Protective Gear: Players using gel blasters are encouraged to wear protective gear, such as safety goggles or glasses, which provide an extra layer of protection against any accidental hits. Wearing appropriate protective gear can further mitigate any potential discomfort.

  5. Safety Design: Gel blasters are designed with safety in mind, and their projectiles are specifically engineered to break apart on impact, dispersing the liquid content and reducing the risk of injury. This design feature minimizes the potential for pain associated with being hit by a solid projectile.

While gel blasters are generally considered less painful than other shooting sports, it's essential to remember that individual experiences may vary, and the sensation of being hit can depend on factors such as the distance from the target, the type of protective gear worn, and the specific gel blaster used. Players should always prioritize safety and responsible play to minimize any potential discomfort or risk of injury.


How Much Do Gel Blasters Hurt?

As you can see from the video above, the gel ball blasters indeed will cause a painful sting, but it only does a little bit. Most people won't even notice the sting during the game because they are too busy shooting each other with fun

One thing that needs to note is that although the orbeez does not hurt the human body, it still can be hurtful if it shoots at sensitive body parts like the eyes.


How to Make You Safe in Every Gel Blaster Game?

The gel blaster wargame by all means is not a dangerous game because you are playing with your friends, not with your enemies. You know one thing sports are very good for your body because it makes you fit.


Although gel blasters are just toys for kids and adults, their misuse of them could cause significant pain and make them dangerous.


The golden rule when playing with gel ball guns is to always wear protective eyewear. Each one of Kublai packages comes with safety glasses, so you’ve already got that covered. 


Moreover, we recommend wearing long pants, sport shoes, and long-sleeved shirts since they can protect your skin from gel ball attacks and make the pain almost negligible. 


In conclusion: Are Gel Blasters Painful or Not?

In short, it is a little bit painful. But the pain is so minor not enough to cause serious harm as long as the gel blaster is used properly. Also, don't forget to wear protective equipment before playing with friends.

If you want to play a game in which you don’t have any hazards about injuries then gel balls are the game that is safe and you don’t have to worry about being hurt.

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