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4 Packs Blue + 4 Packs Orange 80000Pcs Gel Ball Beads 7-8mm

4 Packs Blue + 4 Packs Orange 80000Pcs Gel Ball Beads 7-8mm

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【Perfect Gel Gun Refill Ammo】: This water ball beads has an excellent water absorption capacity, they will grow to stable 7-8mm in diameter after soaking in water for 3~4 hours, perfect bullets for gel ball blasters. Gel ammo are smooth and tough with uniform size, will not cause toy guns to jam, and 7~8mm size gel beads are suitable for most gel guns.

【Safe & Eco-friendly Material】: The gel ball bullets made from Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP), are natural, non-toxic and non-irritating starch-based materials, which are harmless and environment-friendly. 100% Safety for kids, adults and animals. Fully tested and exceeds all children's toy safety requirements.

【No Need to Clean】: The gel balls will burst into pieces on impact. And the pieces will automatically evaporate and disappear completely after drying, will not cause pollution or any kind of harms to health and environment. Won’t cause harm to people and objects, no need to clean after playing. Perfect outdoor fun activities for kids and adults.

【Wide Applicability】: Besides being used as refill ammo, you can also use gel beads to make beautiful decorative crafts. Try filling your mason jars, vases, and even your pool with water jelly beads! In addition, its bright colors and elastic touch are very attractive to kids. It can help boost imagination and creativity, and is great as a sensory and stress-relieving toy.

【Large Amount】: Package includes 8 Pack of 10,000 gel ball bullets, total of 80,000 ZHENDUO bullets. After soaking in water, 1 pack of water balls can expand to about 1 gallon,the total 8 packs can get 8 gallon. Store the water balls in an airtight container and submerge them in water, away from the elements and direct sunlight and they will last up to 3 months.

Size: 7-8mm
Package include:8 packs(10000 Capsules each)

How To Use:
Soak the gel in water for at least 3~4 hours to maximize its size.
Small gels can expand to 10 times their size.
The longer the soaking time, the larger the gel, until it reaches the maximum value.
The soaking time can be adjusted according to the size of the water gun, so that it can be filled into the gun more easily and bring more fun.

1. Don't face the eyes directly
2. Do not store hydration products in direct sunlight
3. The pipeline may be blocked, please do not pour into the pipeline.
4. Keep away from children under 6 years old.

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