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600000Pcs 9-11mm Mix Gel Balls w/ Bottles

600000Pcs 9-11mm Mix Gel Balls w/ Bottles

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60,000Pcs 9-11MM Coloured Gel Balls 


Gel Balls Diameter: 9-11mm

Color: Mixed color

Usage way: Soak for 3-4 hours in the water, keep in a sealed container.

Quantity: 60000Pcs


Coloured Water Beads Package Include:

1*Big bottle(40000Pcs)

1*Small bottle(20000Pcs)


Please Note:

1, Though non-toxic Coloured Gel Balls, but not for human ingestion. Do not let children play it alone, need a parent to accompany.

2, Age Range:>14 years old and over.

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