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Auto Reset Moving Target

Auto Reset Moving Target

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This TARGET training kit is applicable for all Gel Blaster Guns, and Nerf blasters but especially fun with single shot manual blasters. Moving Target System is a great way to test your accuracy and creates a fun time with mates in the backyard.

  • - Randomly slides back and forth
  • - Sound Effect with Every Shot
  • - Digital scoreboard tracks and displays score.
    - Target automatic rebound into position after 3 seconds After Direct Hit
    - Target slides along a track creating a challenging game

    Material: plastic
    Length of track 58cm
    Height of target 22 cm on track
    6x AA Batteries Required (No Batteries Included)
    Weight: around 800g

    Package content:
    1x set of moving shooting target
    1x screwdriver
    1x Tracks
    1x Red Small Target
    1x Blue Large Target

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