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Electric UZI SMG Water Blaster Toy Gun

Electric UZI SMG Water Blaster Toy Gun

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-【Electric drive】: The Uzi Electric Mag-Fed water gun uses an electric drive system, which eliminates the need to manually pump water and simply fires the water by pressing the trigger. This design makes it easier to use and doesn't require too much effort to get a strong flow of water.

-【Magazine feed】: This water gun uses a magazine feed system, similar to the design of real guns. The magazine can hold a certain number of water bombs for quick replacement and extended firing time. This design makes replenishment in the game more convenient and improves the ability to keep fighting.

-【High range and powerful flow】: The Uzi Electric Mag-Fed water gun has a long range and powerful flow output. It can shoot over long distances, allowing players to attack targets remotely. The strong flow of water means that the target is hit better, adding more fun to the game.

-【Rechargeable battery】: The Uzi Electric Mag-Fed water gun is usually paired with a 3.7v lipo rechargeable battery that can be charged by connecting to a power source or USB, eliminating the need for frequent battery replacement. This design facilitates the use and maintenance of the water gun, while also saving energy and resources.



Material: Plastic
Shooting range: 5-10m
Battery type: 3..7v 14500 500mah
Size: 30*10*33cm
Color: black;blue;white;pink;

Products include:

1x Uzi electric water gun
1x muffler
1x mag
1x Lanyard 
1x Charging cable 
1x 3.7v 500mah Lithium battery
1× Screwdriver
2pcs sights

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