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Energy X4 Manual Bolt Pulling Foam Dart Blaster

Energy X4 Manual Bolt Pulling Foam Dart Blaster

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-Manual operation:

The Energy X4 Toy Gun is a manually operated toy gun that requires the player to fire foam darts with a manual pull peg or compressed cylinder, adding to the player's interactivity and fun to operate.


-Foam darts:

The Energy X4 toy gun uses foam darts as firing ammo with safety features that do not harm the human body and are perfect for indoor and outdoor games and combat.


-Fast Fire:

The Energy X4 toy gun has the ability to fire fast and can shoot multiple foam darts in succession, providing a highly competitive shooting experience.


-Unique design:

Energy X4 toy gun uses a unique appearance design, small and exquisite shape, full of a sense of technology.



Material: plastics
Fire mode: manual
Ammo type: full length nerf darts
Shooting range: 5-7m
Weight: 200g
Size: 13*4*15cm
Package size: 44.5*6.5*30.5cm

Package Included:

1x Energy X4 Manual Foam Dart Toy Gun Nerf War Pistol

4× full length darts

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