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Gel Blaster Metal Sticker Decals Set

Gel Blaster Metal Sticker Decals Set

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Metal Sticker Decals Decor Set

- for toy gun decoration
- 1:1 imitation of true iron gun series lettering design, accurate design
- 3M adhesive on the back

- It is not easy to tear down after being attached, and the visual effect is good
Material: paper + plated metal

Variations (each line for one variation):
1x m4 gold
1x m4 silver
1x scar white
1x scar black
1x scar silver
2x acr silver
2x acr black
1x vector white
1x vector red
1x UMP 45 set of the metal sticker ( 1* main sticker + 1* numbering sticker + 1* magazine sticker) Please tell us the color (main sticker and numbering sticker) that you wanted, or we will be sent at random.
1x p90 black/white ( please tell us the color that you want, or we will send at random )
1x HK416
1x HK G36c
1x aug
1x glock
1x 98k
1x m24
1x usp
1x ak74u
1x tar-21
1x m16a4
1x desert eagle
1x HK mp7
1x qbz-95

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