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Hanke M1894 Winchester Shell Ejecting Powerful Foam Blaster

Hanke M1894 Winchester Shell Ejecting Powerful Foam Blaster

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Hanke Toy Level Shotgun Inspired by Winchester M1894

If you are a fan of cowboy culture, you might be interested in a toy level gun inspired by the Winchester M1894, a cowboy shotgun/rifle designed by John Browning. This toy level gun inherits the level action mechanism, perfect restored the process of bullet load, fire and shell ejection inside the chamber.

Design and Details

The toy level gun is designed with great attention to details, including sling rings and level action, making it look and feel like a real cowboy shotgun/rifle. It is available in 4 versions, including white nylon, pink nylon, silver metal, and black metal. The gun also features many metal parts like sights and chamber with a metal rate of 50%.

Weight and Ejection Movement

This toy level gun has a weight of 4.4 lbs (2 kgs), which makes it easy to handle for kids and adults alike. The ejection movement of this gun is great also!

Shooting Range

The toy level gun has a shooting range of 23 feet (7 meters), making it suitable for indoor or outdoor play. With its level action mechanism, kids can easily load the bullets, fire, and eject the shells, making the playtime more engaging and realistic.

A full package contains:

  • 1 hanke m1894 winchester blaster
  • 10 half length darts
  • 10 7mm soft bullets
  • 6 Shells
  • 1 stock
  • 1 sling

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