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JK 1014 Autoamtic Water Blaster Summer Beach Toy

JK 1014 Autoamtic Water Blaster Summer Beach Toy

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[Automatic Shooting]: The water gun is equipped with an automatic shooting mechanism, allowing you to continuously shoot water without manually pumping or pulling a trigger.

[Long Range]: It has a decent range, allowing you to target friends and foes from a distance. The exact range may vary depending on the model.

[Easy Refill]: The water gun typically has a large water reservoir or tank, allowing for extended playtime before needing to refill. You can refill the tank easily by unscrewing or opening a cap.

[Fun Design]: The JK 1014 Automatic Water Gun Launcher often comes in vibrant colors and playful designs, making it visually appealing and suitable for summer water battles.

[Safe and Child-Friendly]: It is important to note that specific safety features may vary, but generally, water guns are designed with non-toxic materials and are safe for children to use. However, adult supervision is still recommended, especially for younger children.


  • Fire mode: fully automatic

    Material: plastics

Shooting range: 7m

Color: green;red

Package Weight: 0.35kg

Size: 26.5*5*11cm

Package included:

1x playing water gun

1× battery

1× charging cable


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