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JY AWP CS:GO Sniper Toy Gun

JY AWP CS:GO Sniper Toy Gun

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This blaster can only ship to USA, European union countries, Russia

- The jy awp nerf gun is a bolt-acting, shell ejection by pulling bolt,

- Built according to the real awp gun 1:1, the appearance and internal structure are perfectly restored.

- It's with folding butt stock and extendable bipod.
- Use 7.2cm nerf darts.


Brand: JY swift hawk

Material: abs + nylon

Mag capacity: 6 shells

Color: camouflage

Shooting range: 12-18m

Velovity: 80FPS

Size: 114*24cm

Weight: 1.5kg

Package included:

1x AWP dart blaster

1x bipod

1x mgnifying scope

1x Magazine

1x sling

5x Shells

10x nerf darts

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