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Laser Game Simulation Model Toy Gun Tire Target for Kids

Laser Game Simulation Model Toy Gun Tire Target for Kids

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  • Tyre Shoot on Target Gun with 5 flashing LED light & Music.
  • Start Switches, tires begin to spin automatically.
  • Tire rotation, there was a car engine to accelerate simultaneous voice and brilliant lighting;
  • when your ears hear the sound of car brakes, the tires will stop functioning; seize the opportunity , act decisively, with firing gun at the tire central sensor point shooting;

How to play:

Insert the battery, turn on the switch, it will make a dazzling light, accompanied by beautiful music;

put the tAnk on the square floor or the desktop, it will automatically run! There is a universal wheel at the bottom, and it will automatically bypass when obstacles are encountered! The head will also move!

Shooting a gun and aiming at it, hit the target, the tank will stop, and emit colorful lights, and make a cheerful call!

Note: battery need to buy by yourself!

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