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LC MG3 Electric Auto Shell Ejecting Foam Blaster

LC MG3 Electric Auto Shell Ejecting Foam Blaster

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Introducing the LC MG3 Electric Auto Shell Ejecting Foam Blaster – Unleash Foam Dart Action Like Never Before!

Prepare for the most thrilling foam dart battles with the LC MG3, a revolutionary Electric Auto Shell Ejecting Foam Blaster that will elevate your foam dart warfare game to new heights! 🔥

Key Features:

🔫 Electric Auto Shell Ejection: Experience the thrill of realism as the LC MG3 automatically ejects foam dart shells with each shot, mimicking the action of a real firearm. It adds an immersive touch to your battles that will leave your opponents in awe.

🌪️ Rapid-Fire Action: With its electric motor, the LC MG3 delivers rapid-fire action, allowing you to unleash a storm of foam darts at your targets in seconds. Dominate the battlefield and keep your adversaries on their toes.

🎯 Pinpoint Accuracy: The LC MG3 is designed for precision. Its advanced engineering ensures your foam darts hit their mark consistently, making you the sharpshooter of the foam dart world.

💪 Durable Construction: Crafted from high-quality materials, this blaster is built to withstand the most intense battles, ensuring it remains your trusted companion for countless foam dart adventures.

🔋 Rechargeable Battery: No need to constantly buy batteries – the LC MG3 comes with a rechargeable 7.4v lipo battery, keeping you in the action without interruptions. Charge it up and get ready for hours of non-stop fun!


Brand: lc
Material: plastic
Firing mode: manual ; full auto
Color: tan; camo; red
Ammo type: 5cm foam darts
Drum capacity: 24pcs
Shooting range: 10-15m
Size: 85cm


1x lc mg3 dart blaster
1x orange tip
1x bipod
1x scope
1x drum
1x stock
1x 7.4v lipo battery with charger
15pcs shells
18pcs foam darts 5cm
18pcs suction darts

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