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Lehui MG3 Electric Auto Foam Blaster Toy

Lehui MG3 Electric Auto Foam Blaster Toy

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- The lehui mg3 foam dart blaster is a great WW2 machine gun imitation.

- With 3 fire modes: manual; semi auto and full automatic, the manual mode can shoot without battery.

- Ergonomic deisgned butt stock, comfortable to shoot.

- Adjustable scope magnification and adjustable sight height.

Fire mode: manual; semi auto; full automatic
Material: abs plastic
Color: camouflage
Fire power:  80-90 FPS
Shooting range:10-15m
Weight: 2kg
Size: 96.5cm

Package included:
1x mg3 foam blaster
1x 7.4v lipo battery with usb charger
1x safety glasses
1x scope
1x laser
1x drum mag
1x sling
30x half length darts
30x ammo holders

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