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M14 Manual Shell Ejecting Sniper Foam Blaster

M14 Manual Shell Ejecting Sniper Foam Blaster

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Realistic Shell Ejection: The M14 Manual Shell Ejecting Sniper Foam Blaster elevates your foam blaster experience with authentic shell ejection. Each shot is a symphony of mechanical precision, making it feel as if you're right in the heart of the action.

Precision Magnifying Scope: For the sharpest aim and unbeatable precision, this foam blaster includes a high-quality magnifying scope. Zoom in on your targets and make each shot count, ensuring your foam darts find their mark with surgical accuracy.

Magazine Feed System: Just like a real sniper rifle, the M14 features a magazine feed system. Load your foam darts into the magazine, and experience uninterrupted firing, ideal for intense foam dart battles with friends and family.

Manual Action: Revel in the tactile satisfaction of manual action with the M14 Foam Blaster. Cock the rifle before each shot, immersing yourself in the realism and anticipation that only manual action can provide.

Impressive Shooting Range: With an impressive shooting range of 10-15 meters, the M14 Foam Blaster empowers you to dominate the battlefield. Achieve pinpoint accuracy even at long distances, ensuring your targets have nowhere to hide.

Majestic Size: Measuring a generous 100cm in length, the M14 Foam Blaster not only feels substantial in your hands but also looks strikingly impressive. Its size enhances the sensation of handling a true-to-life sniper rifle, making it a must-have for collectors and enthusiasts alike.



Brand: handi

Material: abs plastic

Shooting range: 10-15m

Ammo: 4-4.5cm nerf darts

Size: 100cm


Packing content:

1x m14 foam blaster

1x bipod

1x scope

1x silencer

1x mag

5pcs shells

10pcs suction darts

10pcs foam darts

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