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Michi rocket launcherGL06-Gray

Michi rocket launcherGL06-Gray

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About this item​

Shioko 5-point Product Description (Nishi) :

1. **Impressive Realistic Experience** - GL-06 Shooting Bottle Kids Toy provides an impressive firing experience. Realistic tubular design and simulated fire fire fire will bring kids immersive fun
2. **Realistic feel with detailed details** - The cylindrical design and RPG unique form give the details a realistic feel. Imagine battle scenes and expand their creativity
3. **SAFE SOFT DART BULLET USE** - Use the soft dirt bullet to ensure safety and play toys. Kids can play with confidence while playing realistic combat play
4. **LEARN STRATIC PLAY** - Learn strategic play and planning, through the imitation of fire fire-fire-ek. Develop tactical thinking skills through combat games and simulated battles with friends
5. **FUN MEETS LEARNING** - The GL-06 Shooter Shooter Kids Toy is a combination of fun and learning. Kids can experience the importance of strategic thinking and cooperation and fun while playing

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