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MJT COP 357 Soft Bullet Toy Gun Dart Blaster

MJT COP 357 Soft Bullet Toy Gun Dart Blaster

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Material: ABS
Color: White, sandy, purple
Size: 14*10cm
Fire mode: Manual continuous fire
Firing distance:
Straight 8m
Parabola 10m
Capacity: 4 rounds at a time

1. No need to reload, just pull the trigger to launch, it is simple and clear.
2. One key ejection, open the automatic shell throwing, experience the most real shell throwing.
3. Fast loading, simple operation, continuous firing.
4. 8-10 meters range allows you to easily hit distant targets.
5. Use high quality warhead, do not hurt people and destroy furniture.

1x cop357 blaster
6pcs shells
20pcs darts

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