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PUBG P90 Keychain

PUBG P90 Keychain

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Pubg Peace - Elite Thrill Battlefield Toy Gun P90 Assemble and remove Assault rifle keychain pendant


the model gun keychain anti abrasion, sturdy and durable, built to last. has a smooth surface and without sharp edges, absolutely sure.

made in zinc alloy of high quality, anti abrasion, sturdy and durable, built to last. design based on longbow gun light rifle and attention to detail, has a removable maganize, very fun to play.  Definitely A Collection Is Necessary and A Surprising Gift for Children Adults, Kids

Name: P90
Size: 185mm
Weight: 171g
Material: Zinc alloy
Packing: blister card

Package Included:
1 x P90 submachine gun
1 x Four times mirror
1 x Six times mirror
1 x Red dot
1 x Muffler

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