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Rapid Fire Pump Air Popper Foam Ball Toy Gun

Rapid Fire Pump Air Popper Foam Ball Toy Gun

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Air pressure】: The toy gun uses air pressure to fire foam balls. It usually has a pressure device, such as a hand pump or an electric pump, which is used to generate sufficient air pressure at launch. This mechanism allows the toy gun to be fired without the use of batteries or external energy sources, and only needs to be injected with air.

Soft ammunition】: It uses soft foam balls as ammunition, which are relatively light and do not cause serious damage. This makes the toy gun safer for children and indoor play.

Aerodynamic design】: The gun was designed with aerodynamic principles in mind to improve range and accuracy. The shape and material of the barrel, magazine and foam ball have been carefully designed to reduce air resistance and provide better flight stability.

Adjustable range】: Some air pressure foam ball guns have adjustable air pressure controls that allow the user to adjust the range as needed. In this way, players can play in different scenarios, shooting according to the distance and environment requirements.



Material: plastic

Color: blue; white

Fire mode: manual

Ammo type: 2.5cm foam balls

Size: 30*6*14cm

Package included:

1x air popper foam ball blaster

10x foam balls

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