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Russian Army Ratnik 6B45 Body Armor

Russian Army Ratnik 6B45 Body Armor

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This tactical vest is a Russian Army Ratnik 6B45 Body Armor replica.

This kind of body armor by Russia's original article 6b45 EMR camouflage and body armor and 6b45-1 armor upgrade package mould, according to the original product design inside and outside, and name it is carved with the store after 6 sh117 fittings exclusive set woven version of the same high quality EMR camouflage nylon Oxford cloth, adopted similar with the original category and heavy detachable type ventilation buffer plate, heavy armor MAO flavour is dye-in-the-wood. Strong and durable.

And restore the mounting structure of internal bulletproof board, which can mount bulletproof board of similar size.

The suit has thickened pearl cotton and EVA soft rubber lining inserts in the front and back bulletproof board, which can fully meet the next tactical needs while filling the shape.

Friends who need bulletproof can replace bulletproof insert board by themselves.

At the same time, for the first time, a complete copy of the steel wire quick-disassembly structure, so that this vest has the fast-opening function, so that the details are more in place.

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