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SHS AEG Spring

SHS AEG Spring

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SHS AEG Springs

Silver type steel piano wire, non-linear spring type.

One of our most popular airsoft upgrade springs!

Very high quality steel made spring to get your gun running just below 400 FPS.

Fits in all standard gearboxes. Perfect for M4 upgrades, custom guns, etc.

Two side ends are ground to flat

Surface nickel plating processing, providing a good looking and anti-rusting trait

Life expectancy: 500,000 times

TYpe: m85; m90; m95; m100; m110; m120; m130, m140,m150,m160,m170,m180

We don't recommend anything higher than the M120 unless you have a specific purpose, as most fields/games won't allow them.

Note: if this packaging is out of stock, we would choose other shs packaging, hope you understand.

Power chart:

M80 - 250-270fps (1.2mm)

M85 - 270-290fps (1.3mm)

M90 - 290-300fps  (1.3mm)

M100 - 330-350fps (1.4mm)
M110 - 350-380 fps (1.4mm)
M120 - 380-410fps (1.5mm)
M130 - 410-440fps (1.5mm)
M140 - 440-470fps (1.5mm)
M150 - 470-500fps
M170 - 550-600fps
M190 - 650-700fps

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