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SKD Glock G18 Auto/Semi-Auto Gel Blaster

SKD Glock G18 Auto/Semi-Auto Gel Blaster

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The SKD Mag-Fed Auto, Semi-Auto Glock G18 is the first in a new generation of Gel Blasters. With a refined and quality build and feel, this is the first Blaster Pistol to be released with full auto and semi-auto function (simply press button on the side twice to switch between full-auto and semi-auto mode)

This skd g18 Blaster is also the first to have a circuit board with capacitors and microchips. This makes it reliable and advanced compared to previous Blasters. It features a powered magazine, internal rechargeable battery, and blow back feature.

Blowback Feature: the slide will be pull back and then forth when you pulled the trigger, super releastic feeling.

Mag prime: to ensure no dry fire and target missing, the skd glock 18 has the mag prime to feed the gel balls up to blaster chamber. Hence, every time a trigger is pulled, a gel ball fires.

Upgrade choice: it has ability to run extended and drum magazine. underneath the rail you can attach a laser

Attention to details:
very realistic design and letter print, simulating the real glock18. It has everything you would expect when comparing it to the real thing. It's so well designed that is used in the movie and in movement training scenarios for security personnel.

Ergonomic pistol grip:
you can feel every small bump of the glock when you holding the gel blaster. Ergonomic design help you grip it conveniently when your hands are sweaty or drawing it out quickly

Features: mag-fed, mag prime, blowback
Fire mode: auto / semi-auto
Material: ABS plastic
Ammo size: 7-8mm gel balls
FPS: 150
RPS: 6
Shooting distance: up to 15M (straight line), 30M (projectile)
Can upgrade to 11.1v battery

Package contents:
1x SKD glock18 Gel Ball Blaster
1x Magazine
1x 7.4V Li-on Rechargeable Battery
1x USB Charging Cable
1x Safety Glasses
1x Pack of gel balls
1x Gel Ball Bottle

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