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Tactical Semi-Auto M1911 Blaster with Carbine Kit

Tactical Semi-Auto M1911 Blaster with Carbine Kit

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【Design】: The M1911 Semi Auto Dart Blaster is based on the classic M1911 pistol design and has a similar look and detail, making it even more realistic.

【Semi-automatic fire】: The toy gun supports semi-automatic fire mode, which means that a dart is fired every time the trigger is pulled. This allows the player to shoot more quickly and accurately.

【Dart Blaster Features】: The M1911 Semi Auto Dart Blaster uses darts as ammunition instead of actual bullets. This makes the toys safer and suitable for recreational use.

【Carbine Conversion Kit】: The toy gun is equipped with the Carbine Conversion Kit, an accessory that can be attached to the body to transform the M1911 pistol into a carbine-like form. This accessory provides additional stability and convenience, making the player more stable and comfortable while shooting.

【Attached accessories】: The toy gun usually comes with some additional accessories, such as detachable magazines, extra darts, etc., which increases the shooting experience and fun for players.



Material: plastic

Firing mode: Semi-automatic

Color: tan / purple

Shooting range: 8-10m

Size: 65*22cm

Weight: 2kg

package included:

1x M1911 dart gun and carbine conversion kit

12x Bullet casings

40x ammo

2x mags

1x tracer silencer

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