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UDL M1887 Long Stock Lever Action Foam Blaster

UDL M1887 Long Stock Lever Action Foam Blaster

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  • This is a brand new and unused product, but please understand that there may be unevenness, scratches, or small scratches.
  • Product safety information: udlM1887 2nd generation bullet diameter is 12mm, the motor energy of the bullet is 0.134 joule. Meets Youth Safety Standards For safety, players and people around you should use goggles Do not fire at the eyes or face. Do not change the darts.
  • Installation Instructions for Gun Unit:
  • 1. Take out the gun body and rear support respectively, and then insert it into place.
  • 2. Take out the included screws in the package to fix it.
  • 3. Find the reinforcement hole on the side of the gun body, find the reinforcement nail for the accessories, and insert the reinforcement nail into the hole. Use a hammer to push the nail into the hole


Brand: udl
material: nylon
Color: wood grain
Weight: 2000g
Shooting range: 10-12m
Capacity: 5 shells
Shooting power: 75 FPS

Ammo: 5*1.3cm darts
Product Size: 86*4.5*18(CM)

Products includes:

1x UDL Winchester M1887 v2 blaster
6x shells
10x half length darts
10x suction darts
1x safety glasses
1x holder holder

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