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UDL XM1014 Shell Throwing Foam Dart Blaster

UDL XM1014 Shell Throwing Foam Dart Blaster

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Shell Throwing Blaster】: This xm1014 nerf gun blaster has a unique shell ejection function. Only need to open the magazine, load 5 bullets and pull the pump back, then pull the trigger to shoot. When reloading, the cartridge case of the last bullet will be thrown out, bringing a realistic shooting experience.

Manual pump & Adjustable Shoulder Stock】: This nerf toy is manual pump-action loading, and the loading process is smooth without jamming. The adjustable shoulder rest is rotatable up to 45 degrees and is adjustable to 4 different lengths (maximum 35 inches), allowing players to make it in the most comfortable posture.

High Precision in Long Range】: The foam dart blaster has a range of 8~10 meters and is equipped with adjustable double sights, which can accurately hit distant targets. 

Safety EVA Soft Bullets】: This xm1014 nerf blaster comes with both 1.3*5cm length darts and suction darts. Bullets with suction cups can be stuck on the shooting target, and the lightweight sponge material will not be injured when hit, safe for kids and adults. Can use 13mm gellets too.

Brand: u dao li
Model: benelli xm1014 toy
material: nylon
capacity: 6 shells
Ammo type: 4.5cm or 5cm darts

weight: 1.6kg
Product size: 31.2*11.43*3.74 inches
Package size: 79*29*9.5cm

Shooting range: 10-12m
Firepower: 90-100FPS

Package included:
1x  foam dart blaster
6x shells ammo
10x half length darts
10x suction darts
1x screwdriver
1x protective glasses
1x pair of gloves


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