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WST-X01 Bluetooth Chronograph

WST-X01 Bluetooth Chronograph

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1. This chronograph is an invaluable tool for testing gel blaster, airsoft performance. Get accurate data such as FPS and RPS, either displayed on the chronograph itself or wireless via your phone with the free app!
2. Connects with mobile phone via Bluetooth, support for Android and for iOS system.
LCD screen with backlight can clearly display testing data in day and night.
3. Suitable for collect multiple samples data such as BB, gel balls, beads steel balls, and so on.
4. Support free-fall test, 8 languages, Bluetooth connection, professional test, large capacity battery, Simple picture, and easy operation.

Brand: wosport
Model number: WST-X01
Material: plastic, metal.
Size: 13*11*6cm.
Product net weight: 0.25KG
Waterproof or not: no
Charging voltage: DC5.0v.
Bluetooth version: 2.0.
Energy test range(J): 0-999J.
Shooting speed test range: 0-120 balls/s.
1 Meter high horizontal range: 0-800meters (about 0-2625 inches).
First speed test range(FPS): support free fall test (zero first speed).
Input range of test ball weight: 0.01- 20g.
Standby power off time: Customizable.
Input range of test ball diameter: 0.01-20mm.

Package include:
1x WST-X01 Chronograph.
1x USB charging cable
1x Tripod

wst x01

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